What is TSA airport tax for Cape Verde?

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Payment of the TSA airport tax for Cape Verde has been in force since 1 January 2019. Thanks to this tax, the budget for business travel has risen exponentially.

TSA airport tax for Cape Verde

The government of the Republic of Cape Verde exempts nationals of 61 countries from visa requirements for visits of between 30 and 90 days. It is for this reason that payment of the airport tax is required. To benefit from this exemption, you need to complete the online E.A.S.E form a few days before arrival and pay the TSA.

The Cape Verdean government has introduced this airport security tax to help finance border security systems.. This new regulation, announced in mid-August, stipulates that all passengers arriving at the country's airports and aerodromes on international or domestic flights must pay an airport security tax or TSA.

The decree states that this tax is worth 150 escudos, i.e. 1 € for domestic flights. It costs 3,400 escudos, or around 31 € for international flights.

Exemptions are provided for EBAs

It is essential to know that citizens holding a Cape Verdean passport are exempt from paying this tax on international flights, as are children under the age of 2. Holders of diplomatic passports are also exempt from this system. Several nationalities are exempt from the Cape Verde visa requirement for stays of 30, 60 or 90 days, although they must pre-register online. These include, in particular, certain African, European and American countries.

Ultimately, the airport security charge will help to improve the security of civil aviation in Cape Verde. It is set up to compensate for the services provided to air travellers and is designed to cover the cost of resources needed to ensure border security..